Within this short period, I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually different.


I am a healing 25-year old woman who has been working with Pooja for only one year. Within this short period, I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually different. I was struggling with discomfort, pain, bloating, and constipation for the last four years. I decided a year ago that enough was enough. Overall, I lived a healthy lifestyle and thought I was doing everything right. I was really surprised to learn about the underlying issues that held me back from feeling my very best.


When I was first introduced to functional medicine, it was overwhelming, time consuming, costly, and a complete lifestyle change, but I was determined and dedicated. Pooja made these aspects of functional medicine seem less daunting. Pooja recommended needed tests as well as nutritional supplements, and offered dietary advice that has changed my life. She thoroughly explained every test result, provided ongoing support through messages, and eased any stress related to my results or protocols. Within a year, I have overcome candida, parasites, hypothyroidism, EBV, SIBO, and adrenal fatigue. This was all through Pooja’s support. Functional medicine is an investment and lifestyle change, but it is absolutely worth it! I would have never expected to reduce bloat, minimize constipation, and experience more happiness and energy daily in just one short year.


I would absolutely encourage others with similar issues to seek Pooja’s help. She has gone above and beyond to confidently advise me during every step of my health journey. I look forward to continuing to see improvements and heal to fully enjoy life with my loved ones!


Despite all of my health issues, I never felt that Pooja saw me as "broken", but rather as an opportunity to support my body's innate healing abilities.


When I had that first call with Pooja, I was not doing well. Physically, I had near-constant bloating and gas, and I also had recurring episodes of fatigue, brain fog, adrenaline rushes in response to the smallest things, which felt less like anxiety and more like an inability to cope with minor stress. Mentally, I had a really hard time focusing at work, and I was starting to develop food anxieties, which contrasted strongly with my original beliefs that all foods from the Earth are nourishing. Worst of all, my biggest fear was that I would actually never get completely better, and that my relationship with food was becoming irreparably damaged. I couldn't see a way back to enjoying so many favorite fruits and vegetables that had become bloat triggers.


Working with Pooja slowly began to heal my relationship with my body and with food. Pooja was both empathetic and encouraging, and I sensed that she truly believed my body could heal itself. Despite all of my health issues, I never felt that Pooja saw me as "broken", but rather as an opportunity to support my body's innate healing abilities. Without so much fear and frustration around food and health, I began to believe the same thing. Based on my own set priorities, we ran some lab tests and tried a few different herbal supports and dietary adjustments. It was extremely validating when a lab test returned showing imbalances in my hormones, especially with my adrenal function and stress response. I learned so much about the connections between the different hormones in the female body and gut health. 


I started working with Pooja in May 2019 and we had our last session at the end of September. By November, I was having regular periods and no PMS at all, bloating had become a rare occurrence, and I could eat almost everything again. A few months later, I have zero food restrictions and steady, balanced energy and focus.


What I liked most about working with Pooja was her way of being – compassionate, curious, so knowledgeable yet also respectful of her client, and open. But I also loved how accessible she was. She always replied within two days to any question I had, and her replies were detailed and thoughtful. Lastly, I think it is so rare, even in the functional health world, to find someone who truly considers how closely connected all body systems are – especially in women! Other functional health providers that I have encountered always seemed to be leaving out important considerations, but I never felt that way with Pooja. It was so refreshing to finally be seen as a whole person, to be asked questions I had never considered, and to be guided through seeing patterns in my health that I hadn't noticed before.


For the first time I felt like I had found someone who was willing to go the extra mile to get to the root of my problems and create a personalized wellness plan that would aim for optimal health.


I am so thankful to have found Pooja Mahtani after about 10 years of dealing with a mix of hormone and gut health issues. I first realized that something was out of balance in my system while I was in college. I visited several different conventional doctors to find answers and receive treatment, but for the most part they seemed content to give me a pill for my symptoms. Possible root-causes were never explained, there seemed to be no ultimate goal for healing and anytime I tried to ask if there might be a connection between my various symptoms I was told that they were all different issues that needed to be treated independently. For several years I followed my doctors prescriptions and continued lived an active and healthy lifestyle. Something, however, did not feel right as I learned more about the connections within the human body, nutrition and female health issues. If I was doing everything my doctors told me to do, why were my symptoms not getting better and in fact getting worse? Finally about three years ago I discovered the world of holistic and functional medicine and have not looked back. For a few years I tried to research everything myself, experiment with a low-fodmap diet, consider food intolerances but eventually I realized that I needed more professional help.


About one year ago is when I had my first meeting with Pooja. I had personally researched many different practices and saw one other functional medicine doctor before coming to Pooja. At the time I was feeling very discouraged about my health situation and did not want yet another doctor to simply hand me a band- aid. I was so relieved when Pooja not only seemed to understand where I was coming from, but was also able to answer so many questions that I had been wrestling with over the years regarding my symptoms, possible causes and what long-term solutions might be available. For the first time I felt like I had found someone who was willing to go the extra mile to get to the root of my problems and create a personalized wellness plan that would aim for optimal health. I loved knowing that she had other colleagues that she regularly met with to discuss client issues, that she was regularly staying up to date with the latest hormone and gut research and that she was always honest and upfront with me regarding what she could or could not offer in her practice. While the costs of taking the necessary tests and supplements was hard to swallow at first, I was determined to heal my body as naturally as possible and ultimately felt the most cared for and confident in Pooja's services for helping me reach my health goals.


Over the past year of working with Pooja I have learned so much about my body, nutrition and the connection between the gut, hormones and the brain. I have greatly appreciated her timely communications, her transparency and her understanding of different client needs both health wise and financially. While I have not yet finished my protocol, I have made huge progress in identifying root- causes for my symptoms, determining food triggers, balancing out my hormones, energy levels and eliminating almost all of my SIBO symptoms. I am greatly looking forward to the day when I can confidently say that I am SIBO free with balanced hormones. Thanks to Pooja, for the first time in my life I truly feel like that goal is attainable and within arm’s reach.


If you are tired of being handed a pill without explanation and want to access the tools you need to take control of your own health, you have come to the right place. Functional medicine is not a quick-fix miracle pill, but it is a way to understand your body better and reach your health goals in a way that cares for your whole body and is sustainable long-term. Pooja continues to impress me not only with her professionalism but also with the way in which she personally supports and cares for each of her clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking holistic care for hormonal and gut issues and cannot express enough how much of a joy it has been to work with her this past year.

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My skin is much better, I have more energy, and am stronger too!


I was referred to make an appointment with Pooja and knew in order to be a team understanding the body to thrive more that it starts with a teachable spirit, patience, and recognizing victories as I learned and worked with Pooja entrusting in her care!

When starting with Pooja I was suffering with skin lesions, high oxalates / high histamine reactions, anxiety, itchy skin, fatigue, allergies, food allergies, body overheating, fatigue, digestive issues from h.pylori imbalance, mast cells, and needing gut repair. When Pooja addressed the foods, targeted the gut microbiome, and me following her protocol diligently with open communication with her, I have been able to start working part-time again and get back to trying more foods and thriving more in activities again! My skin is much better, I have more energy, and am stronger too! What I appreciate most about Pooja is her patience and explaining the cause and effect of the body and what needs addressing and methods of what needs importance first and so forth like layers of an onion! I truly appreciate her online portal and how easy communication has been because of it.

My main concern was restoring a calm gut to be functioning at its best and getting my skin and digestion back on track! For a person suffering with ailments, Pooja is ready to hear from you and solve the case by your side as you put in the work too! A piece of advice is to come with a overcoming attitude, teachable spirit, patience, and open communication with Pooja during this journey. THANK YOU Pooja!